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A day in the life of a remote worker at Sun Peaks

Photo courtesy of  Photfy

It’s 7:30 am and a quick look at the calendar shows your first virtual meeting isn’t until 10 am.

Get geared up and hop on the ski-out slope by your apartment and cruise down into the village for a morning coffee and breakfast at Bolacco Café by 8 am. The Sundance Express Chairlift starts spinning at 8:30 am. One of the first in line (kidding – there’s no line!) conditions are perfect for first tracks.

A couple laps on Sundance and then over to Tod Mountain for a quick top-to-bottom run before one more lift up Sundance to access the ski-out back to your condo by 9:40 am. Change your shirt, brew some more coffee and settle in at your computer. PS – don’t forget to take your toque off!

Even though your computer is set up with a great view of the slopes, several hours at the screen means it’s time for a quick blast of fresh air and change of scenery. Not enough time for skiing this time, so instead it’s a brisk 15-minute walk on the pedestrian-only pathway through the brightly coloured condo buildings and houses. If you really want to get your heart pounding and have enough time, climb up to Lookout Ridge for an epic view.

Back at your desk for a big afternoon presentation and a budget meeting and the rest of the day speeds away as you move from task to task. Finally, the day is done and your list is crossed off. You’ve had a successful work day, and have also managed to get in some outdoor time without missing a beat.

So now…what’s for supper? I mean sure, you have groceries in the fridge, but what’s cooking in the village is wafting up the hill and smells too good to pass up. Comfy boots and a warm jacket and it’s a short walk into the Village Centre where the options are endless.

Steak from Sun Peaks Steakhouse…curry from Morrisey’s Public House…stroganoff from Powder Hounds. The stroganoff wins the day. A pint and a hot meal before walking back home to wind down the evening. Maybe tomorrow night, it’ll be a cook-at-home dinner and a headlamp snowshoe. Something to consider!

The beauty of living at Sun Peaks is that every day can be different and created to support whatever you need. It could be a day on the slopes or simply curled up in front of the fireplace with a good book and a beautiful mountain view.

It’s your lifestyle. It’s your Sun Peaks. Build your day however you want it.

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