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Investing in a Vacation Home

It’s a home away from home. A place to escape the everyday grind. Somewhere to celebrate milestone events — anniversaries, birthdays and more. It’s a vacation and an investment, all rolled into one.

Let’s be honest. It can be a constant hassle to find the perfect rental during peak season at any destination. You want specific amenities, prime location, the right number of beds…the list goes on. When you’re looking at a location like Sun Peaks in the middle of winter, sourcing a rental that exactly suits your needs may not be as easy as you’d like.

This is where vacation homes come to play. It’s your property when you want it. Feel like skiing this weekend? Hop in the car and hit the road, no Expedia booking required. Ready to hit the bike park? No problem — you choose the dates that work for you.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons to consider investing in a vacation property.

  1. Reduced stress. We’ve already talked about the hassle of renting, but let’s talk about the stress of vacation logistics. A report in 2010 indicated that everything from figuring out logistics to dealing with general travel stress left vacationers feeling less happy and more frazzled before they even took the trip! A vacation home instantly eliminates travel stress. You know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and what to expect on arrival: relaxation. Can’t beat that!
  1. A retirement plan. The beauty of retirement is that you can live wherever you want. Location and lifestyle officially trump the 9-to-5. Consider a vacation home as somewhere for holidays in the short term, but also a property permanent living when retirement rolls around.
  1. An extra income stream. A vacation property can be dual purpose. It can be your dream oasis when you need it, but also a rental option when you’re not there. So instead of sitting empty, the property is occupied and you’re collecting a cheque. At Sun Peaks, there are several property management companies to help manage a rental for you, taking away any added stress of being a landlord.

Investing in a vacation home is about finding the property that suits you and your needs, both now and in the future.

For more information or to consider Sun Peaks as your vacation home destination, contact us today.