Spring maintenance for your vacation property

The snow is melting and we are gearing up for a summer season like no other at Sun Peaks Resort. In fact, the front nine of the Sun Peaks Golf Course is scheduled to open Friday, May 21!

Golf isn’t the only thing getting set to open! Before you know it, you and your vacation home renters will be mountain biking, hiking, paddleboarding, fishing, geocaching, going on trail rides…the list goes on. This is definitely a choose-your-own-adventure kind of place.

However, there’s a bit of work to do first.

While we know many people would love to live at Sun Peaks year-round — don’t forget, that is always an option! — we have many community members who are here part-time and rent out their house or apartment for the rest of it.

So while there’s still a bit of snow around and the weather is iffy to say the least, it’s worth it to check on your property and do some seasonal maintenance.

Here’s our spring maintenance checklist:

Inspect your heating system. Your furnace has been working non-stop for the winter. This is a great time to have it serviced and to change the air filter if you haven’t done so in a while. Regular maintenance goes a long way to avoiding a costly emergency bill.
General cleaning. Spring is a great opportunity to do a deep clean of your entire property. Wipe down kitchen cupboards and the fridge, clean the appliances and dust on top of any cabinets. Open all of the windows while you clean for added fresh air!
Clean and set-up your patio space. You’ll likely have tucked away your patio furniture for winter, but the space will have collected sludge and leaves and everything else that comes from winter. Power-wash the space, pull out and wipe down your furniture and ensure there aren’t any pieces that need replacing. You’ll also want to inspect your BBQ, clean the grill and ensure it’s ready for cooking the perfect steak.
Inspect outdoor spaces. Do you have any exposed nails, rotting wood or tripping hazards? Walk around the outside of your property to ensure everything is safe and clean for your guests.
Make it beautiful. A flower pot of colour and trimmed shrubs can go a long way to adding outdoor appeal to your property.

If you aren’t able to do spring maintenance yourself, consider hiring a local professional to support the cleaning and inspection of your property.

To make Sun Peaks more of a permanent home instead of just a vacation property, touch base with us and let’s look at some new real estate options!