Reconnecting with your family at Sun Peaks

This summer is about family, friends and reconnecting with loved ones and we are gearing up for a season of reunions at Sun Peaks. There will be rounds of golf. There will be outdoor BBQs. There will be hikes through alpine fields of wildflowers. But above all — there will be hugs and memories that will last a lifetime.

We’re also big on starting new traditions and one of our favorites is an annual Sun Peaks family getaway. We see many families and groups come back year after year to connect and celebrate. And now, many of them are starting to buy property for the family to use throughout the year as well.

If you’re considering a vacation property investment with your extended family in mind, we’ve put together some of our favorite properties for you to consider for Reunion HQ.

1. For the small family gathering. Stone’s Throw is literally a stone’s throw from the Sun Peaks village and easily accessible in the winter to the Orient and Morrisey lifts. Almost every property in this complex has a hot tub and all suites are at least two bedrooms with epic mountain and golf course views. This is the perfect option to gather with one set of grandparents for a long weekend, or for cousins with their spouses to meet for a ski weekend.

2. For a medium sized gathering. We love the Woodhaven townhouses if you have a group of 6-10 people. These multi-level buildings have a variety of layouts and rooms available with full kitchens, hot tubs and easy access to the Morrisey Chairlift in the winter. About a 15-20 minute walk to the village center, Woodhaven is a great option if you don’t want to hear any ambient noise from restaurants and pubs.

3. For a big family blowout. A big party doesn’t necessarily mean you want everyone to stay in the same space. Consider purchasing one centrally located house or townhouse that can be your home base. Once those beds are full, then look at renting additional hotel rooms in the village core, or another townhouse unit close by to house any extra guests.

When thinking about a central family gathering place, don’t just think about that one weekend a year when you’re at max capacity. Consider all of the different times of year you’ll use the space and who else will be joining you for ski weekends, golf trips, hiking adventures and more. From there, we’ll help you pick and choose the right place for your family.

Then all that’s left to do is stock up on Kleenex!

Reach out to learn more about our available properties.