Find your Craft, Find your Passion: Living in Sun Peaks

What is the one thing you wish you could do more of? – That one thing that feeds your passion and brings you joy.

Maybe it’s golfing? Skiing? Biking? Yoga? Or maybe it’s photography, art, or baking. It’s a difficult realization when we reflect and see that we have lost the time to do those things or stopped making time for the things that fuel us, but it’s all too common in the world today.

In the last year and a half we as a nation have faced challenges that have gone far beyond anything we could’ve predicted. Quarantine brought isolation and, in doing so, forced us to look at our lives through a new lens. It’s brought forth our passions and made us focus on how we can bring joy to our lives. Questions like “What really matters?” “Where do I want to be?” “What do I love?” and “How can I do more of what I love?”  have come into play.

Sun Peaks has consistently been an oasis of escape however, in the last two years has served as so much more. It has been a place where people can focus in on their craft, find what they love and feed their passions more than ever before. One thing that’s always been prevalent in Sun Peaks is that community members take time to do what they love.

Whether Sun Peaks is your favorite family get-away, your permanent residence, your favorite seasonal escape, or your weekend private oasis there are lots of ownership options available at your fingertips. In a market so hot, it’s still possible to be where you want to be and to do what you love to do.

Maybe you’ve found that “something”- maybe you haven’t discovered it yet but there is one thing that’s for sure: you can find your craft- your “something,”- at Sun Peaks.

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“The mountains are calling, and I must go”
John Muir