Winter prep at your vacation property

Photo courtesy of  Photofy

As the temperatures start to dip and snow dusts the top of Tod Mountain, we are heading into the final countdown before the lifts start spinning again at Sun Peaks Resort.

Before we all get caught up in the excitement of a new ski season and find ourselves easily distracted by power days and finding an epic line down Challenger…it’s the time of year for a little pre-winter maintenance.

Yes, your skis and boards need a tune up, of course. But we’re talking more about home maintenance this time around. PS – if you don’t have your winter property purchased yet, this is a great time to do that!

Many property owners at Sun Peaks don’t live in the resort all winter – they come and go. If you fall into this category, then it’s important to spend some time preparing your property before winter sets in.

Fall maintenance checklist

  • Keep a consistent, warm temperature. To avoid frozen pipes, keep your thermostat no cooler than 18°C. The last thing you want is a pipe to burst and have water running everywhere with no one in the unit to catch it before there’s too much damage.
  • Winterize your deck or balcony. Wipe down your patio furniture and store it away for the winter. No room for storage? Use covers to protect the furniture from the harsh winter elements and ensure any light pieces are tied down in case of a strong wind storm. If you do want to use the balcony for the winter, purchase a small shovel and keep the space clear and welcoming.
  • Inspect your windows and doors. Do you have cool air coming in from any windows or doors? Get holes caulked to prevent cold air from entering your space and consider heavier curtains on the windows to keep it warmer inside.
  • Get your fireplace serviced. Gas fireplaces should be serviced every 1-2 years, so having it cleaned and inspected every fall is a great choice. Not only will it ensure the unit is working safely, but it avoids having to deal with a last-minute service when you arrive for your ski week.
  • Confirm snow removal. If you’re part of any strata, snow removal is likely included with your monthly fees, but if you have a single-family property that isn’t going to be the case. Ensure the snow doesn’t stack up and make your driveway impassible by making arrangements for regular clearing when you won’t be in the resort.

Don’t have your winter vacation property locked up yet? Remote working is the name of the game this season, so this is the time to buy!

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